Brova bharama

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brOva bhAramA raghurAma
bhuvanamella nIvai nannokani
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Is protecting me alone a burden, O Raghurama?
While You are present in and as all worlds.


zrI vAsudEva aNDa kOTla
kukSiniyuJcukO lEdA1 nannu (brOva)
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Sri Vasudeva! Don't you have crores of Universes
in Your stomach? Yet, is protecting me a burden to You?


kalazAmbudhilO dayatO-
namarulakai2 yadigAka
gOpikalakai koNDaletta lEdA3
karuNAkara tyAgarAjuni (brOva)
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Didn’t You, out of compassion, lift mountains
(once) in the Ocean of Milk for the sake of celestials,
and again, for the sake of gOpis? O Merciful Lord!
(Yet) is protecting Thyagaraja alone a burden to You?


  • 1kukSiniyuJcukO lEdA – Please refer to Srimad Bhagavatam, Book 3, Chapter 33 – (Devahuti’s prayer to Lord):
    "As the Supreme Personality of Godhead, You have taken birth from my abdomen. O my Lord, how is that possible for the supreme one, who has in His belly all the cosmic manifestation? The answer is that it is possible, for at the end of the millennium You lie down on a leaf of a banyan tree, and just like a small baby, You lick the toe of Your lotus foot." (Link)
  • Also refer to the episode of child Krishna showing to His mother Yasoda the whole universe in his mouth. (Srimad Bhagavatam, Book 10, Chapter 8 and Srimad Bhagavadgita – Chapter 11 – Viswaroopa Darsanam.)
  • For description by Vaishnava saints regarding the Lord having all the universes in His stomach, refer to – [Vasudeva]
  • 2amarulakai – Refers to Kurmavatara of the Lord when He bore the mandara mountain on His back to enable churning of the Milk Ocean.
  • 3gOpikalakai – Refers to lifting of the Govardhana Hillock to protect the gopis from the deluge of rain as a result of anger of Indra.