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Sri Tallapaka Annamacharya (1408-1503) the mystic saint composer of the 15th century is the earliest known musician of South India to compose songs called “saGkIrtanas” in praise of Lord Venkateswara, the deity of Seven Hills in Tirumala, India where unbroken worship is being offered for over 12 centuries. Annamcharya is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Venkateswara's nandaka (Sword). SVSA

During his long and prolific career, Annamacharya composed and sang 32,000 saGkIrtanas, 12 zatakas (sets of hundred verses), Ramayana in the form of dwipada, saGkIrtana lakSaNam (Characteristics of sankirtanas), zRGgAra maJjari, and veGkaTAcala mahAtmyam. His works were in Telugu, Sanskrit and a few other languages of India.

Annamacharya was the very first vAggEyakAra in Telugu and established a tradition (Pallavi, Anupallavi, Charanam) which was later followed by a number of saint composers like Tyagaiah, Kshetraiah, Ramadasu, etc. Purandaradasa, Kannada composer, praised the saGkIrtanas of Sri Annamacharya and said that the saGkIrtanAcArya is the incarnation of Lord Venkateswara's sword.

Reference for his songs sistla Annamayyapetika

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