Chakkani Raja

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cakkani rAja mArgamuluNDaga
sandula dUranEla O manasA
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When there are excellent royal paths,
why enter bylanes, O Mind?


cikkani pAlu mIgaDa yuNDaga
chIyanu1 gaGgA sAgaramElE2
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When there are thick milk and cream,
why this detestable toddy?


kaNTiki sundara-taramagu rUpamE
mukkaNTi nOTa celagE nAmamE tyAga-
rAjiNTanE nelakonnAdi daivamE3
yiTuvaNTi zrI sAkEta rAmuni bhaktiyanE (cakkani)
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What a most beautiful form as a feast to the eyes!
What a name resounding in the tongue of Lord Siva!
What an ancient Lord firmly established in the very house of Tyagaraja!
When there is this excellent royal path of devotion to Rama of Ayodhya, (why enter...)?


  • 3nelakonnAdi daivamE (nelakonnna + Adi daivamE) – nelakonnadi daivamE’ – which does not seem to be correct. However, if it is 'nelakonnadhi daivamE', then it could be split as 'nelakonna + adhi daivamE', ignoring the error in the sandhi.


  • 1chI: An expression of disgust when one encounters something detestable.
  • 2gaGgA sAgaramu – In all the books, this word has been taken as ‘toddy’ – a colloquial usage. However, no such word is found in any dictionary. In Sanskrit ‘tAla’, tAlagarbha’ means toddy; in Telugu, ‘ITa’, ‘kaLLu’, ‘tATikaLLu’, ‘nIrA’ are the words meaning toddy.
    • According to a Quote from "Tyagaraja - Life and Lyrics" - William Jackson - Oxford University Press – “The reference is to Gangasagara Bhatt of Tanjore court, a toddy tippler about whom stories were in circulation in Tyagaraja's time. Toddy came to be called Gangasagara.” [Gangasagara Bhatt - Post #23]