Devadi Deva Sadasiva

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1dEvAdi dEva sadAziva
dina nAtha sudhAkara dahana nayana
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O Lord of celestials and others! O Supreme Lord Sadasiva! O Lord who has Sun – Lord of Day, Moon and fire as (three) eyes!


dEvEza 2pitAmaha mRgya 3zam-
Adi guNAbharaNa gaurI ramaNa (dEvAdi)
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O Lord searched even by Indra – Lord of celestials and Brahma – the grand-father! O Lord for whom tranquility and other virtues are adornments! O Beloved of Parvati - GaurI!


bhava candra kaLA dhara 4nIla gaLa
bhAnu kOTi saMkAza zrIza nuta
tava pAda bhaktiM dEhi dIna bandhO
5dara hAsa vadana tyAgarAja nuta (dEvAdi)
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O Lord Bhava wearing the digit of the Moon! O Lord with blue throat! O Lord who appears as if a crore Suns have risen together! O Lord praised by Vishnu – Consort of Lakshmi! deign to bestow on me devotion to Your Holy Feet, O Benefactor of the humble; O Lord with a smiling Face! O Lord praised by this Thyagaraja!


  • 2pitAmaha mRgya – This refers to the story of Brahma and Vishnu trying to find the beginning and end of Lord Siva. Please refer to the website for complete story - [Lingodhbhava]
  • 3zamAdi - Six Virtues – SaDguNa sampat – zama - control upon his own mind; dama - control upon his physical body; titikSa - forbearence for the odds and evens of the nature; samAdhAna - equanimity of all beings and having a sympathetic mind; uparati - indifference with a Sakshi type of mind; zraddha - sincere adherence to the words of Guru and Sastras, by word and deed. Source - [Six Virtues]


  • 1dEvAdi dEva – this can also be split as 'dEva+Adi-dEva' where 'Adi-dEva' would mean the 'First God' or 'The God who is the Origin'.
  • 4nIla gaLa – ‘blue throat’ because of retaining the poison halAhala produced at the time of churning of milk ocean.
  • 5dara hAsa – "smile" and dara harasa vadana means a pleasant smiling face, in the Lalita Sahasranamam (602) – ‘darahAsOjjvalanmukhi’ is one of the names of the Mother.