Dhyaname Varamaina

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dhyAnamE varamaina gaGgA snAnamE 1manasA
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O My Mind! Meditation alone is the sacred dip in the river Ganga.


vAna nITa munuga munuga lOni
vaJcana drOhamanu kara 2pOnA (dhyAna)
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Can the mental stains called deception or craftiness and treachery be washed away by drenching much in the rain water?


para dhana 3nArI maNulanu dUri
para nindala para himsala mIri
dharanu velayu zrI rAmuni kOri
tyAgarAju telusukonna rAma (dhyAna)
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(a) Spurning others’ wealth and woman, (b) overcoming slandering others and causing injury or harm to others, (c) seeking the Lord Sri Rama effulgent on this Earth, performing meditation on Lord Sri Rama, realised by this Thyagaraja, alone is the sacred dip in the river Ganga.


  • 1manasA – O manasA
  • 2pOnA – pOvunA


  • 3nArImaNulanu – the word ‘para’ should qualify this word also (other women); it is also possible that Sri Thyagaraja means total abstinence (even from one’s wife) as being obstacle for meditation on the Lord.