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1rAma kOdaNDa rAma rAma kalyANa rAma
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O Lord Rama! O Lord Kothanda Rama! O Lord Rama! O Lord Kalyana Rama!

Charanams Combined

1. rAma sItA pati rAma nIvE gati
rAma nIku mrokkiti rAma nI cE jikkiti (rAma)

2. rAma nIkevaru jODu rAma krI kaNTa jUDu
rAma nEnu nIvADu rAma nAtO mATADu (rAma)

3. 2rAma nAmamE mElu rAma cintanE cAlu
rAma nIvu nannElu rAma rAyaDE cAlu (rAma)

4. rAma 3nIkoka mATa rAma nAkoka mUTa
rAma nI pATE pATa rAma 4nI bATE bATa (rAma)

5. rAma 5nEnendainanu rAma vEreJca lEnu
rAmayennaDainanu rAma bAyaka lEnu (rAma)

6. rAma virAja rAja rAma mukha jita rAja
rAma bhakta samAja rakSita tyAgarAja (rAma)
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1. O Lord Rama! O Consort of Sita! O Lord Rama! You alone are my refuge; O Lord Rama! I salute You! O Lord Rama! I am caught in Your hands.

2. O Lord Rama! Whoever is equal to You? O Lord Rama! deign to look at me at least by Your side glance; O Lord Rama! I am Your’s! O Lord Rama! please speak to me.

3. The name of Lord Rama is indeed superior; only thought of Lord Rama is enough; O Lord Rama! please govern me; Lord Rama alone is enough for me.

4. O Lord Rama! For You it may be a single word; but it is worth a sack-full for me; O Lord Rama! that song sung about You is indeed a true song; O Lord Rama! that path which leads to You is indeed the true path (OR only Your path - path adopted by You - is the true path). .

5. O Lord Rama! I shall not think differently or anything else, wherever (or in whatever condition) may I be; O Lord Rama! I shall not be separated from You on any occasion.

6. O Lord Rama - Lord of Garuda – king of birds! O Lord Rama – whose face vanquishes the moon in splendour! O Lord Rama – found in the assembly of devotees! O Lord – the protector of this Tyagaraja!


  • 1rAma sAkEta rAma rAma paTTAbhirAma - is additionally given in some books.


  • 2rAma nAmamE mElu – the name of Rama is superior - because it is ‘tAraka nAma’ at par with Pranava. Please refer to discourse of Kanchi Mahasvami Chandrasekharendra Sarasvati – [Taraka Nama]


  • 3nIkoka mATa nAkoka mUTa – may be it is one word of You; but it is worth a sack-full for me. The example is that of Sudama. The Lord consumes just a handful of parched rice from Sudama (that too by snatching from him because he was reluctant to offer such a measly thing to Lord Krishna) and in return bestowed all the enjoyments of this World unasked. The Lord being Sarva-sakshi knows everyone’s desires and our prayer is superfluous, indeed; when necessary conditions are fulfilled, the desires fructify – we call this luck, but the Sanskrit word ‘adRSTa’ – ‘the unseen’ (hand of the Lord) is the apt description.
  • 4nI bATE bATa – Sri Rama is called 'maryAda puruSOttama' – this may mean two things – one that He never transgressed the limits of morality and two – He set (new) limits for morality, not necessarily transgressing the earlier standards. The privations undergone by the Lord are indeed self-imposed. From the arguments advanced by King Dasaratha, Queen Kausalya, Bharata, Lakshmana and even sage Vasishta and other priests against exile of Rama, it is amply clear that Rama would have been well-justified, by the (prescribed) standards of morality, not to go for exile. But, Sri Rama set new standards for morality. No wonder, therefore, Sri Tyagaraja states 'the path adopted by You is indeed the true path'.
  • 5nEnendainanu vEreJca lEnu - wherever (in whatever condition) may I be, I shall not think otherwise. kabIr sings –
  • Dukh Mein Simran Sab Kare, Sukh Mein Kare Na Koye
Jo Sukh Mein Simran Kare, Tau Dukh Kahe Ko Hoye
  • “In anguish everyone prays to Him, in joy does none To One who prays in happiness, how sorrow can come?" [Kabir]
    • That is why Kunti prays to Lord Krishna (Srimad-Bhagavatam, Book 1, Chapter 8) –
  • vipadaH santu naH zazvattatra tatra jagatgurO |
    bhavatO darzanaM yastyAdapunarbhavadarzanaM || 25 ||
    • “May calamities befall us at every step through eternity, O Teacher of the World! for it is in adversity alone that we are blessed with Your sight, which eliminates the possibility of our seeing another birth.”