Rama Rama Rama Sita

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rAma rAma rAma sItA rAmaNa pApa haraNa
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O Lord Rama Rama Rama! O Delighter of Sita! O Destroyer of sins!

Charanams Combined

1. centa rAkayuNDuTevari celimi niNDu kalimi (rAma)

2. manamEcedamanucuyinta madamA kAma damA (rAma)

3. nanu vinA gati evvaranucu nagavO lEka biguvO (rAma)

4. zazi mukha nannEcunadi yazamA nAdu vazamA (rAma)

5. karuNa jUtunanucu palka karavA brOva baruvA (rAma)

6. rAmAyani moraliDa madi rAyA dEva rAyA (rAma)

7. inni vinnapamulaku madiyinuma mATa vinumA (rAma)

8. lEmi telpa peddalevaru 2lErA nIdu 2pOrA (rAma)

9. uNDinanu ninnu pOliyundurEyADukondurE (rAma)

10. bhaLi bhaLi tana karmamenta balamO lEka calamO (rAma)

11. valaci pADiyinta palka valenA tALa galanA (rAma)

12. ila rakSaNa sEya lEni kulamA vyAkulamA (rAma)

13. vazamu kAdu tyAgarAja 2varada kunda 2su-rada (rAma)
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1. Because of whose great wealth of friendship that You remain without coming near me?

2. O Lord Vanquisher of desires! Do You pride much that ‘I have deceived him’ (Do You pride that You have deceived me)?

3. Are You (derisively) laughing that ‘Who is the refuge other than me’; otherwise is it reticence?

4. O Moon Faced! Is it glory to You to deceive me? Is there anything in my capacity?

5. Is it scarce even to say that ‘I shall show mercy’  ? Or, is it a burden to protect me?

6. O Lord of celestials! As I beseech You calling ‘rAmA’, is Your mind stony (that it does not move)?

7. In spite of so many appeals, is Your mind made of iron (that it does not melt)? Please listen to my words.

8. Are there no elders to inform You about my poverty? Or is it a harassment by You?

9. Even if there are (elders), they also would resemble You and they would slander me!

10. Wonderful! How powerful is my fate! Or, is it obstinacy on Your part?

11. Is it necessary that I should tell this much singing lovingly? Can I withstand?

12. Is Your dynasty one such which does not protect anyone on the Earth or are you perplexed?

13. O Bestower of Boons on this Thyagaraja! O Lord with very beautiful teeth like jasmine flowers! It is no more in my capacity.


  • 1General – The order of the charanas is not similar in all the books.
  • 2lErA - pOrA - varada - surada - as - lErO - pOrO - varadA - suradA