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Could not find the lyrics for any song you are looking for? Submit a request!


  • Um, I don't know whether this is the way to request, but, can we have some more Dasar songs? And including all the Dasars, not only Purandaradasar. I could add some songs but i do not know Kannada so the words might be wrong. Thanks - Surya

I couldn't find th lyrics/mp3 for "Makutake Mangalam" (ragam: madhyamavati), a song I learned a long time ago. Please help me!

I would like to get the lyrics and meaning for the song "Mayamma ani ne" Ahiri ragam

I would like to get the lyric and meaning for the song "neeraja samaneeya krishna" by Oothukadu Venkatakavi.

- Here it is: Neerada Sama

I would like to get the lyrics of the song "Avataaram Seidhiduveere" in ragam Jhonpuri. I do not know the composers name.

I would like to get the lyrics of "Vande mataram" by K.C kesavapillai.Can anybody help me?

can some on pls give sahityam of valliya nayagane in shanmukhapriya-- many thanks Please can you provide the lyrics (and meaning if possible) of mudi onri moovulagamgalum aandu kondu- by Periazhwaar. MSS has given a beautiful rendition of the same. thanks. ---- Found it finally in Periazhwar thirumozhi (paadi para pasurams). I have been looking for it for months.

    • Krishna ne begane baro- Can any one could give the sahityam and meaning.

I would like to know the sahithyam of Krishna ne begane baro

  • Also need lyrics for Hamsanandhi Tillana composed by GNB, thanks, Vidya
  • I would like to request lyrics and english translation for Sonnathai Sethida, thanks, Vidya
  • i request the lyrics for ' sri rama sri rama sri manoharama' regards Swapnna
  • Could you please post Bhadrachalam Ramadasu's songs? Thanks
  • need lyrics of " narajanma bandaga" song
  • Need Lyrics of Kaalakaalan Kayilai Naathan in the Raagam Atahna set to Roopaka Thaalam
  • Need lyrics of Edukku Ittanai by Marimutha Pillai, please
  • Please provide lyrics for the song Sri Neelotpala Nayike
  • bhogindra sainam by swati tirunal.i want meaning of the full song. --Vanaja 21:19, 15 November 2009 (IST)vanaja 21:10
  • Sri vighnarajam bhaje meaning please
    • Underway --Srikanths 22:54, 9 June 2009 (IST)
  • Hello , I would like to understand the meaning of the song, Shanthi nilava vendum, 28 harikaambhOji janyam, Composer: SEthumaadhava Rao. Thanks !
  • Hello, i am looking for the lyrics of a bharathiyar song called 'engal kannamma'. I have heard Sri TNS sing it, and have been seraching for the lyrics everywhere but i cannot find it, so if someone could post it up i would appreciate that. Thank you
  • I would appreciate it if you could post the song Kurai Ondrum Illai, composed by C. Rajagopalachari (and sung by M. S. Subbulakshmi).
  • Appreciate if I could have the song Bhuvaneswariya - HKMB - Mohana Kalyani, preferably lyrics in Tamil. Thank you
  • Samaja vara gamana - Hindolam
  • Naakabaya Varamosaki Nannu Bovave - GNB
  • Hi guys - fantastic page well done! I am looking for a kannada song (a bhajan iguess) Solisa beda gelisayya. It refers to Nanjanagudu in the text of the song. Thanks - Rama
    • Thank you! We are trying to identify the song. Can you provide some more details if available, such as the composer and the raga? --Srikanths 20:51, 29 June 2008 (IST)
  • Dear Sir, I am looking for Devi Kirthis "Paripooraniye Manonmaniye En thayaee" , this song was rendered by Artist Sudha Ragunathan. I need the Lyrics of this song to listen. If possible please provide it. - S. Ramakrishnan
  • Could you add some more varnams especially Evvari Bhodhana sung by different emminent singers. - Ravichandran (Email: ravis4122 at gmail)
    • Ravichandran: Here is the Evari bodhana varnam. It also has links to MP3's sung by GNB, M.D. Ramanathan and S. Kalyanaraman. Other Varnams. I will be adding more varnams. So stay tuned. Srikanths 01:06, 17 October 2007 (IST)
  • Hari Om! I AM LOOKING FOR "SRI SUBRAMANYAYA NAMASTE" This song is rarely available and that too by Senior Artists. I am looking for a clear diction in the song and to understand lyrics. If available please make it available. I am collecting all MP3 songs but the one I have it not clear. Hari Om! Ramakrishnan Sarma
    • Are you looking for the lyrics of Sri Subrahmanyaya? This section is to request lyrics for songs that are not already available in this site. If you are looking for renditions of the song, please check this link. --Srikanths 20:01, 8 April 2008 (IST)
  • could anyone provide lyrics for the song rama simara rama simara song sung by M.S. - Anand
    • Rama sumira - --Srikanths 23:27, 18 August 2008 (IST)
    • Thank you Srikanth. But the song I requested sounds like a north indian language more like sanskrit or marati. It starts like Rama simara rama simara dekha tero .... Maya ko sang laga prabuji ko sarana laga....
      • Ah, that does sound like Hindi... Will recheck.
      • The song in question is avauilable on sung by M.S.Subbulakshmi. - Lakshman
  • Can anyone provide me the lyrics of the song 'Ranjani Niranjani' composed by G.N.B? I like that kriti very much...
    • Ranjani niranjani --Srikanths 22:19, 28 August 2009 (IST)
      • Thank you very much srikanth! I really like this site and your interest in making lyrics available to all...
  • Can someone please provide me the lyrics of 'Parvati ninnu ne' in ragam kalkada composed by shyama shastry? (I searched the net for the ms subbulakshmi rendition of 'parvati ninnu' but found only sowmya and nityashree's if anyone finds the mss rendition or if someone has one already, can you please share the link with me?...i know this is a site meant for lyrics but still...)
  • Can somebody provide me with the meaning for nannu brovu lalitha(lalitha raga,misra chapu,sri syama sastry) ..Thank you,Ragini
  • Any reason why there are no Syama Sastri songs in this site?
    • Yes, there are not many Syama Sastri songs yet -- This site is a work in progress. If you would like to provide the lyrics as well as the translation of any Syama Sastri kritis, we would love to have you on board. --Srikanths 06:25, 18 October 2009 (IST)
    • Yes, I can provide a few Syama Sastri songs and also the translation, with the disclaimer that I am not an expert musician, but only a student and enthusiast of Karnataka sangeetham, with Telugu as my mother tongue. --Krishnavk 04:43, 19 October 2009 (IST)
    • Great - I am very happy that you would like to contribute! Let's continue this discussion over email. You could register with the contributors' mailing list. Or, if you will let me know your email (please send it to srikanths at sahityam dot net), I can send you an invite to the group. --Srikanths 21:34, 19 October 2009 (IST)
  • Can someone please add the lyrics of "Idigo Bhadradri Gautami Adigo Choodandi"
    • Will keep your request in mind. It may take a little time to add it here. Meanwhile please check these search results. --Srikanths 21:08, 28 October 2009 (IST)
    • Great work guys. Site is very useful.
    • Need sahithyam for Om!! namo narayana (karna ranjani).Thanks.
  • I need sahityam for BHAGYADA LAKSHMI BARAMMA of Purandaradasa.
  • I recently listened to the devaranama "Govinda ninna namave chanda" of Purandaradasaru. I like it very much. Can someone provide its sahityam with meaning?
  • Request the song Om Namah Shivaya... from Sagarasangamam/Salangai Oli. Many thanks.
  • Can someone please add the lyrics of "Irakkam Varaamal Ponadhenna karanam" by Gopala Krishna Bharathi. Thank you.

Requesting the lyrics and song of 'Pahi Sri Giriraja Sute' (Ananda Bhairavi Raagam) From Sekhar. Thanks in Advance

  • Appreciate it if someone can share lyrics including the swarams of the Ata Taala Varnam Vanajaksha..Thanks...